Helping Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

susneo customisable sustainability metrics

Highly customisable sustainability metrics

We have partnered with an incredible, innovative company that help us to provide an in-depth understand and reporting framework. Susneo offers a comprehensive platform for businesses seeking to enhance their sustainability efforts, particularly in carbon reporting. The platform is powered by advanced technologies like Susneo Data Engines, GeoCube A.I., and the S-Index. These tools allow for the seamless integration of various sustainability metrics, providing unparalleled speed and precision in data delivery.

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How Does Carbon Reporting Work?

To start your Carbon Reporting journey, Farming Carbon will have a consultation call with your business to understand how sustainability applies to you. We will work with you to strategise a pathway to automate carbon reporting, and support your business to a better understanding of sustainability and communicate the impact your business is making.

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carbon reporting for businesses what the tool includes

Why Choose Carbon Reporting?

Carbon reporting has many great features that deliver value to your business.

Cost Effective

Applying a data driven approach to sustainability, and GHG emissions in a business can help to outline opportunities for savings, and doing so with Farming Carbon will help you to integrate automated systems and save money on labour costs.

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Simplified Sustainability Journey

Carbon Reporting reduces your risk profile, when you have a thoroughly considered sustainability strategy and understanding of; energy usage, water usage and physical risks relating to climate models.

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Customiable Solution

The system is built with customisable modules so that you can report specifically on industry, supply chain or business model requirements.

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The best way to understand how we can help you is to have a conversation and understand your business better. Book in a slot and let's have a chat about how improving Sustainability could improve your business.

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