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Kids Activity Pack

Looking for fun and educational activities to do with your kids? Look no further than the Farming Carbon Bird Feeder and Bug Hotel activity pack. This free pdf download is packed with different bird feeder and bug hotel activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. Along with educational information on what birds and bugs will visit and why these creatures are important for the environment. Fill out your details below to receive a PDF download. If you have any issues or require assistance, please contact us.

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What's Inside The Pack?

The activity pack includes different types of bird feeders you can make, what to fill your bird feeder with, what birds might visit your bird feeder and why these birds are important for the environment.

How To Build A Bird Feeder & Bug Hotel

There are many great and wonderful bird feeders & bug hotels that you can make with everyday items from around your home and garden. This pack contains information on how to make a bird feeder and bug hotels from these materials.

Filling Your Bird Feeder

This pack contains information on what feed to use. We also include a free resource link to claim bird feed to fill your bird feeder and attract natural wildlife.

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What Birds & Bugs Might Visit?

Our activity pack for kids provides a picture list of birds and bugs that could visit your bird feeder or bug hotel. How many can you spot?

Learn Why Bugs & Birds are important

This pack contains other fun activities and information on why birds and bugs are important for biodiversity and our environment.

Great Fun For All The Family.

Get together as a family and learn about nature and the birds and bugs around us.

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Educational Resource

Learn about local wildlife and the importance that they play on our ecosystem.

Family fun birds activity pack

Family Fun

Building a bird feeder or bug hotel from material around the house is a great way to have fun for all the family.

support local wildlife kids activity pack uk

Support the Environment

Play your part in supporting local wildlife and helping them thrive.