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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly recognising the importance of adopting sustainable practices to not only enhance their environmental and social impact but also gain a competitive edge. This webinar will delve into the compelling reasons why SMBs should embrace sustainability and explore practical strategies for integrating sustainable practices into their operations.

Topics Covered

Our sustainability webinar for small and medium businesses covers the following topics.

The business case for sustainability:

Greenly allows for the measurement of all three scopes according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or Ademe methodology, ensuring comprehensive coverage of a company's carbon footprint.

Strategies for increasing energy efficiency:

These methods provide robust measurements of a company's carbon impact, utilising both activity data and automated analysis of spend-based emissions.

Green procurement practices:

Companies can compare their emissions with industry peers and involve suppliers in the reduction process.

Water conservation strategies:

Greenly helps define customised action plans for effective emission reduction, involving employees in the process.

Sustainable transport and logistics:

The platform integrates with most business tools and uses specific electricity contract details for accurate energy usage data.

Employee engagement in sustainability:

Foster a culture of sustainability within your organisation by engaging your employees and empowering them to contribute to your sustainability goals.

Benefits of Attending.

Gain an better understanding:

Gain insights into the latest sustainability trends and best practices for SMBs.

Identify Implement Sustainable Practices:

Learn how to identify and implement sustainable practices that align with your business goals.

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Reduce Environmental Impact:

Discover practical strategies for reducing your business's environmental impact and enhancing your social responsibility.

Community Networking:

Network with fellow SMBs and experts in the field of sustainability.

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